"If Grenfell Residents Move Into My Flats, I'll Move Out"

22 June 2017, 15:19

Shelagh was left shocked when this caller from Kensington says she would move out of her flats if the Grenfell Residents move in for free.

"If Grenfell Residents Move Into My Flats, I&squot;ll Move Out"

"If Grenfell Residents Move Into My Flats, I'll Move Out"


Yesterday, the government announced that some of the displaced Grenfell Residents would be re-housed in part of a luxury apartment block in High Street Kensington.

Donna said she works very hard to be able to pay for the service charge for her luxury block of flats in Kensington and she would be furious if other people lived there without paying.

She said if they were moved into her block, it would force her to move out.

Shelagh Fogarty not impressed

She told Shelagh: "My service charge bill - and it's a low one this year - is £15,500. I would feel really resentful if someone got the same thing for free.

"I feel sorry for those people but my husband and I work very hard to be able to afford this.

"And for someone to get it for free, I would move."

Shelagh was left lost for words, simply saying to Donna: "It does sound harsh. You sound hard-hearted."

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