Shelagh's Powerful Reaction To Paul Nuttall Hillsborough Admission

14 February 2017, 16:01

Shelagh Fogarty Hand Up

Shelagh Fogarty has covered the Hillsborough tragedy and its aftermath ever since it happened. This is her powerful reaction to the political storm surrounding Ukip's Paul Nuttall and whether he was there or not on that terrible day.

Nuttall said he and his family have been personally upset by the allegations that he wasn't at Hillsborough on the day when 96 Liverpool fans died in a horrific crush at the stadium.

Shelagh Responds To Nuttall's Hillsborough Admission

Shelagh Fogarty has covered the Hillsborough disaster her whole life. This is her reaction to Paul Nuttall admitting claims he had lost close friends that day was false.


Today he admitted that claims on his website that he lost close friends in the crush was not true - but he maintains that he was there on the day.

"I can absolutely understand what he says," began Shelagh. "If indeed he was at Hillsborough.

"But if it turns out that he wasn't, then God help him is all I can say. Because to have experienced that day is to experience something so deeply horrible, that you wouldn't wish on your worst enemy.

"The idea that down the line for some kind of gain you would say that [personal friends had been killed at Hillsborough] is horrendous to me. It's absolutely horrendous if that turns out to be case. I'm not saying it is, I simply don't know."

Shelagh continued: "I'm beginning to shake just talking about it.

"It was hours before I and my family knew for sure that our loved ones were safe. It was days in some cases.

"Paul Nuttall, if, if, and it's a huge if because I don't know, I'm taking your word for it at this point - but if it turns out that your word is not your bond on this, then I feel for you, because it won't be pretty."

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