What Is 'Mufti' In A Mufti Day?

Mystery Hour

Mystery Hour Question

When kids have home clothes day at school, it’s a Mufti Day. Why? What does it mean?
Louise, Twickenham


** Definitive **
Name:  George, Westminster
Qualification: I’m from a military family
Answer: It’s an Indian term. It came back from the Army serving in India.

** Even more definitive **
Name: Charlie, Hackney
Qualification: Four years at SOAS studying Islamic law
Answer: Mufti is of Arabic origin, it’s a legal advisor in Islamic law. In the Music Hall era, people would dress up as Mufti, in traditional garb, which because of the Ottoman empire was a fez with a tassle and a dressing gown. This was then picked up as not being in uniform, which is what it means now in English.

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