The Moment Nick Tried To Catch Out Theresa May... And Failed

12 May 2017, 08:13

Nick Tries To Land A Blow On May... But PM Knows Her Numbers


This is the moment Nick Ferrari tried to catch out Theresa May by asking her the size of the UK Army... and the Prime Minister immediately knew the answer.

- Theresa May's Interview With Nick Ferrari In Full

On Defence Day, Nick asked the Mr May how many soldiers Britain has and she answered straight away.

Speaking on LBC's Leaders Live, the Prime Minister responded: "In the British Army, it's about 79,000 - 79,500."

A surprised Nick was left to say: "Well, ok. Slightly different to someone I spoke with a couple of weeks ago."

That was a reference to Nick's agonising interview with Shadow Home Secretary Diane Abbott who got her maths hopelessly wrong over Labour's police proposal, at one point claiming they would be paid £30 a year.

After LBC Leaders Live, Nick admitted he was impressed by the Prime Minister's mastery of the numbers, saying: "This woman does detail. This woman sleeps five hours a day, the rest of the time, she is working. This isn't a job for her, it's a passion, it's a belief, it's something that is in her very fabric.

Nick Ferrari's Reactions To Theresa May's Interview


"So she immediately knew the non-EU figures for the this year's migration. And she knew the numbers of soldiers in the British Army.

"Look, I felt I had to try and land a blow I thought that might be the one. It's quite a difficult number to know, but today was Army Day. It shows she mastered her brief. How did she do? Well, we'll know in four weeks' time."

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