Theresa May Jokes About “Needing A Stiff Drink” After Troubled Speech

10 October 2017, 17:40

Theresa May has revealed to LBC she “probably needed a stiff drink” after her party conference speech was marred by a persistent cough and an interruption from a prankster.

The Prime Minister struggled to get through her delivery in Manchester last week as she battled with a sore throat.

Joining Iain Dale for an exclusive phone-in on LBC, Mrs May quipped that not only did Freddie the Frog come along, but “all his friends and relations” too.

Speaking about the moment she was interrupted by comedian Simon Brodkin, who handed her a mocked-up P45, the Prime Minister said: “I saw this person out the corner of my eye, I had no idea what it was about.

“I had no idea who they were or what they were doing. There’s a moment you think ‘has something gone wrong, am I supposed to be stopping’, then I realised it was obviously somebody not official there and I thought I’d just carry on.”

The Conservative leader said at no time did she think her life was in danger, but admitted her husband, Philip, was “worried”.

She said despite losing her voice numerous times throughout the lengthy speech, she was determined to get to the end.

Mrs May added: “Obviously from time to time I did wish I’d put some more cough sweets in my pocket.”

"I think I probably needed a stiff drink afterwards," she finished.

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