Why James O'Brien Is On Red Alert Over Anti-Immigration Statements

28 September 2016, 12:36

James O'Brien: Why I'm On Red Alert Over Anti-Immigration Statements

James reflects on concerns about immigration in post-Brexit Britain, a big issue at this week's Labour conference.


As immigration becomes a key issue at the Labour conference, James O'Brien wants to know why so few people concerned about foreigners can point to actual evidence of it impacting their lives.

"The Labour party has had to move with the [anti-immigration] rhetoric," says James. "Look at the newspapers and the media in this country, the idea that all these concerns are valid doesn't get challenged any more.

"Jeremy Corbyn today will express his relaxed attitude to immigration. My atttitude to immigration is relaxed. My atittude to any anti-immigration rhetoric in this country is the opposite of relaxed.

"It's actually at red alert now.

"It was probably at red alert before people started getting beaten up and killed for daring to speak foreign in public places."

James then began to ask what success would look like for people who voted to Leave the EU because of their fears about immigration.

"I don't have a beef with people who are accepting an invitation to be frightened and angry. I have a beef with people who are throwing those invitations out like confetti.

"What would make you feel better?

"Even if you turn us into a fortress, you're still going to be cross. And there's still going to be journalists and politicians popping up to tell you you should be even crosser.

"You should be even crosser."

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