A&E Is In Crisis And Ian Collins Knows How To Fix It

10 February 2017, 07:31 | Updated: 10 February 2017, 07:35

Ian Collins

As record numbers of patients spent more than four hours in A&E, Ian Collins knows exactly who's to blame.

Ian says it's not the fault of the government, but says doctors need to be stricter about who is treated as a genuine emergency.

Speaking on his LBC show, he said: "Don't blame the Prime Minister, blame the medics, those who haven't got the bottle to challenge non-serious or alcohol-based incidents.

If the BMA really cared about their members, they would be arguing this very point. But they aren't because they are a politicised outfit who put battling with the government ahead of logical moves to improve patient care.

"So what if you have to wait over four hours? When they talk about "Oh people have got to wait...", it's not like you've got an axe in your arm and you're waiting over four hours. You'd be seen straight away. There is a procedure, a pecking order, if you like.

"But of course because medics are so obsessed with this idea, probably in today's age, for fear of being sued, obsessed with making sure that every single person is seen just because you've walked through the door, therefore you must be seen and treated in the same way as anybody else.

"I'm afraid there has to be a slightly more serious and perhaps analytical side to the vetting procedure when it comes to who is seen in Accident and Emergency.

"There's not a crisis in A&E if it was used by the right people."