Amazing Moment Elderly Couple Rescued From Eye Of Storm

28 August 2017, 10:55 | Updated: 28 August 2017, 11:46

Watch As Elderly Couple And Dogs Hauled From Flooded Texan Home By Hero News Crew

This is the heart-rendering moment an elderly couple was rescued from a water-logged home in the middle of Hurricane Harvey.

The incredibly moving moment happened by chance, thanks to a passing film crew from news channel CNN who heard the family in distress.

“We were just about to leave when we heard your voice,” said CNN correspondent Ed Lavandera as he heroically waded in to haul the woman and her husband out of the rising waters that have engulfed parts of Texas.

“They have two dogs as well. We are trying to get her out. We will keep working on this,” he said as the cameras rolled.

The family had been waiting for the Coast Guard to rescue them when a volunteer rescue boat carrying the CNN crew found them first and found them with water almost up tp their necks.

Lavandera, producer Jason Morris and cameraman Joel De La Rosa were riding with Austin Seth in his boat searching for people trapped by the high waters when they became instant national heroes.

A later video showed Ed Lavandera leaving the scene with Pam Jones, the woman's daughter who had called for help. She revealed they had been trapped on the top floor of their home all night as waters rose.

Elderly Woman Rescued From Storm
Elderly Woman Rescued From Storm. Picture: CNN
Hurrican Harvey Turns To Floods
Hurrican Harvey Turns To Floods. Picture: PA/AP