Dean Dunham asks Amazon what LBC listeners want to know

3 March 2023, 07:19

Dean Dunham asks the Amazon what LBC listeners want to know

Dean Dunham

By Dean Dunham

In Dean Dunham’s ‘Ask’ series, he asks key individuals and organisations (such as regulators, consumer organisations, ombudsmen, alternative dispute resolution providers, energy providers, online marketplaces and other retailers) the burning questions LBC listeners are asking.

Circa 2.4 BILLION people visit every month making it arguably the most used online marketplace in the World and the ‘go to’ place for many when it comes to buying a wide range of goods. It is therefore unsurprising that I receive so many questions about Amazon during the LBC Consumer Hour and it is befitting that this week I ‘Ask Amazon’ all the key questions LBC listeners have been asking and need to know.

Anjana Anand, Director of Customer Insight at Amazon joined me for what was a very informative interview. I asked all the questions LBC listeners wanted answers to, including:

  • How you can tell if a review on Amazon is fake and what is being done to stamp out fake reviews?
  • Why Amazon has been telling customers they must contact the Police when a parcel goes missing in transit?
  • Why goods often arrive in oversized packaging?
  • Why no phone number is displayed on the Amazon website for customer services?
  • What protections Amazon customers have in relation to overseas sellers?
  • What Amazon’s approach to counterfeit goods is and how it deals with customer complaints in this area?
  • What the procedure is for returning goods?
  • What happens when goods are returned to Amazon but when they arrive the box is empty?

I also tackled the thorny subject of how Amazon customers know who they are buying from. This is a particular bugbear for me as my view is that this information is not clear enough on the Amazon website, leaving customers to often purchase goods from sellers they believe are UK based when in fact they are from China or another overseas territory. Anjana provided her view on behalf of Amazon.

If you shop on the Amazon platform this is a must watch interview.