Dean Dunham asks Ofgem what LBC listeners want to know

10 February 2023, 06:52

Dean Dunham asks Ofgem what LBC listeners want to know

Dean Dunham

By Dean Dunham

In Dean Dunham’s ‘Ask’ series, he asks key individuals and organisations (such as regulators, consumer organisations, ombudsmen, alternative dispute resolution providers, energy providers, online marketplaces and other retailers) the burning questions LBC listeners are asking.


Energy prices continue to soar and to make matter worse the energy Regulator, Ofgem, has been forced to launch an investigation into force-fitted pre-payment meters, after reports that British Gas (and perhaps other suppliers) have been acting inappropriately to the detriment of consumers.

It is therefore befitting that this week I ‘Ask Ofgem’ all the key questions LBC listeners have been asking and need to know. Akshay Kaul, Director of Systems and Networks at Ofgem joined me for what was a very candid and informative interview.

Ofgem exclusively told me that it will tell British Gas and any other suppliers to uninstall pre-pay meters and pay compensation in relation to any consumer where a pre-pay meter was force-fitted when it should not have been.

We also discussed all the other current issues in the energy market and Akshay answered all the burning questions all energy consumers need answers to, including:

· The precise circumstances under which it is permissible for energy providers to force-fit a pre-payment meter

· Details of the British Gas investigation

· Ofgem’s view of pre-pay meters being more expensive

· Ofgem’s view of the Smet 1 meter issue being experienced by many and the plan to resolve this

· Ofgems social energy tariffs and green energy plans

· And more..

A must-listen for anyone who owns or rents a home and is therefore an energy consumer.