Dean Dunham asks Virgin Media O2 what LBC listeners want to know

5 May 2023, 09:43

Dean Dunham asks Virgin Media O2 what LBC listeners want to know

Dean Dunham

By Dean Dunham

In Dean Dunham’s ‘Ask’ series, he asks key individuals and organisations (such as regulators, consumer organisations, ombudsmen, alternative dispute resolution providers, energy providers, online marketplaces and other retailers) the burning questions LBC listeners are asking.


Mobile network operator, Virgin Media O2 has published new data that reveals millions of people are overpaying for smartphones they already own, costing consumers more than half a billion pounds each year.

It has therefore launched a campaign “Stop the Smartphone Swindle” to put an end to this and has called on other operators to introduce changes that would prevent consumers from overpaying for mobile phones they already own.

This week Gareth Turpin, the Chief Commercial Officer from Virgin Media O2 joined me on the LBC ASK series to explain more about the issue and why this shameful practice is costing consumers £1.4m per day.

As well as talking about the issue at hand we also spoke about what consumers can do to avoid overpaying for their mobile phone handsets.

If you have a mobile phone this is a must-watch interview.