Brexit Chaos Is Not A Surprise, Says Ian Collins

13 October 2016, 07:47 | Updated: 14 October 2016, 10:25

Everyone knew that separating Britain from the European Union was going to be difficult, says Ian Collins. So why are people surprised by the chaos that followed the result?

Speaking on his LBC show, Ian said: "The idea that we could have a Brexit without chaos surely is the thinking of the fool.

"I'm pretty sure that most people who voted to leave, voted understanding that it's going to mean turmoil for a period of time. I can't imagine that a country embarking on a journey that's never been done before, dismantling nearly half a century's worth of EU agreements - political economic and otherwise - I can't imagine that anybody thought that was going to happen in a smooth transition without any kind of hassle or jip along the way.

"Surely it just goes with the territory. It is not news there's going to be some chaos.

"Yes, the pound, the value has slumped. That was always going to happen. Did anybody seriously think it wouldn't happen?

"Markets get spooked, by dint of the fact that an entire nation or those that voted in that way, suggested they wanted to leave the EU, then frankly it was always going to happen. It's not news."