Caller Considered Suicide After Wife Falsely Accused Him Of Domestic Violence

18 December 2017, 09:48

This caller had a shocking story, his wife having reported him to the police for domestic violence after she was diagnosed with a mental illness.

Liam Allan was recently accused of rape.

The Law student is now considering suing the police and the Crown Prosecution Service, after the case against him collapsed and was thrown out of court when it emerged a detective had failed to hand over texts on the accuser's phone.

Ian Collins asked his listeners how they had coped with being accused of a crime they had not committed.

This caller had a shocking story, considering suicide after his wife ruined his life by falsely accusing him of domestic abuse.

She accused him of violence, the police duly arrived, arrested him and put him in a cell for 24 hours.

"There was no truth to the allegation," he said. "I worked with vulnerable people, so I had to make a disclosure to my employer, that cost me my job.

"My reputation was shredded. We worked under the DBS scheme, it was very strict. I thought the best thing to do is come clean, even though it was completely dismissed, no caution, I was allowed to work out.

"Unfortunately, as the old saying goes, if you throw enough mud some of it sticks.

"People that I knew very well don't even talk to me anymore.

"It was completely dismissed but unfortunately, without boring everyone rigid, it went through the family court. They work on the basis of probable cause, as opposed to actual evidence. So I ended up not seeing my daughter for a year.

"It was horrendous, it almost drove me to suicide."

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