Caller Thinks Trump Could Be The Messiah

22 May 2017, 10:52 | Updated: 22 May 2017, 11:06

This caller made a pretty bold claim on Ian Collins's late night show.

On his late night LBC show, Ian Collins was speaking about US President Donald Trump's visit to Saudi Arabia.

He asked his listeners whether they thought Trump could be the one to make progress in tackling Islamic extremism. 

That's when Dina, a Trump supporter, called in and made a pretty bold claim.

She said: "I think that this is the beginning of something."

Ian said: "So something almost messiah-like about Donald Trump?"  

Dina replied: "Yes, I wouldn't actually use that word."

Ian said: "Because many people sort of see him very much the antithesis of that. They see him as fairly crass, and slightly coarse, and abrupt, and rude."

The caller then said: "He's like a coarse messiah."

Ian couldn't believe it. He said: "A coarse messiah? Wow." 

Dina continued: "Yes, for the times we're living in, yes. I mean we've had all sorts of profits. I mean if you look at the bible, it's full of the most outrageous people. 

"I mean King David was an adulterer and a murderer. The bible isn't always full of messiahs that are angelic."

Ian said: "But there's not a level of that of coarseness, there's nobody in the bible doing kind of Bernard Manning material, is there?"

She replied: "No, but he's the next kind of biblical figure. I mean, Christ himself said 'I've come for the sick, not the well'."

Ian responded: "Well, Dina, it's an interesting way to look at it. 

"And then on the third day, they shall be grabbed by the - you never know what he could put in the good book! Dina in Maida Vale, who sees the messianic qualities in Donald Trump.

"I don't think I've ever taken a call that's taken an analysis of Trump into that area. Wow."