"Get Rid Of The Royal Family? No, We'd End Up With President Blair"

28 November 2017, 07:47

This discussion on whether Britain would be better without a Royal Family came to an abrupt end when the caller realised it would lead to someone like President Blair.

Following the engagement of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle, Ian Collins was asking if the Royals were the best model for British society.

But both he and caller Mike admitted that it is better than the alternative... President Blair.

Ian Collins and his caller shuddered at the thought of President Blair
Ian Collins and his caller shuddered at the thought of President Blair. Picture: LBC / PA

Ian said: "What's the need for these selected families, that regardless of whatever amazing work these people do, what is the point of their existence?

"When I was working in the press lobby, I went to the state opening of Parliament. I sat there at the back and watched and you see the Queen sitting on a throne with a crown, that picture you've see in books all your life.

"It was the most spectacular, incredible thing I'd seen. The Lords, the tapestries, the gold, the ermine. It was spellbinding.

"But because I was seduced by the aesthetics of it all doesn't make it necessarily the right institution to head up the country."

However, Mike responded: "But on the other hand, you speak of a Presidency. If you consider some of the rogues who have graced Downing Street, think about it.

"Would you really want one of those to be President of the UK?"

Ian mentioned the idea of President Tony Blair and Mike responded: "Good grief, I shudder to think!"