Heartbreaking Guilt Of Drink Driver Whose Dad Was Killed In Crash

16 January 2018, 07:47

Ian Collins was left lost for words after a caller told him how his Dad had died in a car crash when he was drink driving.

Leonard told LBC that he had drunk four pints before driving his Dad home. He lost control, crashed into a wall and his father died.

And he revealed the guilt that he has lived with since that day has been overwhelming.

He said: "I just regret it every day. I loved him dearly, he was my best friend. Even though it's 20 years ago, I can never forgive myself.

"Every day, it plays on my mind. I just feel so guilty."

Ian Collins was left with his head in his hands
Ian Collins was left with his head in his hands. Picture: LBC

Ian pointed out that many people will think he should feel guilty for it and Leonard agreed: "I should and am I totally guilty.

"I destroyed my Mum's life as well, because she loved her husband so much. I will regret it to the day I die."

Ian was left stunned by the story and the heartbreak that Leonard felt. He ended the call saying: "The distress and the guilt that you're clearly suffering is evident in that call.

"How would you even swing your legs out of bed in the morning if you had that on you?"