Ian Collins Defends Boris Johnson Over £350m Post-Brexit Claim

18 September 2017, 14:13 | Updated: 18 September 2017, 14:19

As Boris Johnson reignited the controversial £350m-a-week Brexit row, Ian Collins stepped in to passionately defend the Foreign Secretary.

Mr Johnson has once again insisted that the UK would take back control of £350m a week from Brussels once Britain has left the EU.

In a 4,000-word piece for the Telegraph over the weekend, the Cabinet Minister said Britain would regain control of the huge sum, adding it would be a “fine thing” if “a lot of that money went on the NHS”.

Mr Johnson was accused of a “misuse of official statistics” by the chair of the independent UK Statisics Authority for reviving the Vote Leave claim.

However, discussing the controversy on his LBC show, Ian laid down why Mr Johnson is absolutely right.

The LBC presenter said: “In terms of analysing that intellectually he has not said anything inaccurate.

“Control of the money is his point and ‘wouldn’t it be a fine thing’ if we could put some of that into the NHS - that’s it!”

Watch Ian's take in full above.