Ian Collins Staggered By Consent Classes For Students

3 October 2016, 10:17

Ian Collins red shirt

First year students at elite universities are being put in sexual consent workshops teaching them how not to rape. This left Ian Collins staggered.

Students starting at Oxford and Cambridge Universities must attend mandatory consent classes as they start university.

It follows similar classes at York University, where a quarter of the students walked out in protest.

Orla White, the Vice President for Women at Oxford University, said: "These classes are really important to initiate conversations around consent."

But Ian fumed, saying: "We know what consent means, we can work it out for ourselves. We do not need to go to a workshop telling us this is what consent means and this is what it doesn't mean. And here's how not to be a rapist.

"The starting point of any debate or any position is that men are not rapists. The fact that some will, in the same way that some will carry out all manner of other crimes, frankly is not a good enough reason to run a workshop inviting - and in some cases compelling - every single student to attend.

"I'm sorry, that is grisly, it's miserable, it's sad, it's horrible, it's accusational. It's got every shade of "no" written all over this.

"I am struggling greatly to find any good that can come of a course or a seminar such as this one."