This Is Why Ian Collins Wants To Scrap Diversity Quotas Altogether

1 August 2017, 12:04

Whether it’s somebody’s race, gender or sexuality - this is Ian Collins’ reasoning for wanting to scrap diversity quotas altogether.

A black woman has revealed the level of online abuse she has received because she studies at Cambridge University.

Courtney Daniella Boateng explained how she regularly receives remarks on social media from trolls who suggest she only secure a place at the prestigious institution to fill diversity quotas.

Ian Collins in the LBC studio.
Picture: LBC

But, in response, Ian says it’s now time to drop quotas from all walks on life - and this is his reasoning why.

“All of these things will happen organically,” he said.

“Come back in 20 years there will be more black faces at Oxbridge, there will be more women on TV - the gender gap will have changed.

“There will be more women in the boardroom. I don’t think there will be more women roadsweepers because nobody is calling for more women roadsweepers - it doesn’t seem to be a bit of a thing.”

He continued: “So forget your quotas, forget your imperative to try and artificially squeeze out a new statistic by employing people just because they happen to be either female, or from a non-white gene pool or whoever it happens to be.

“All of these things I promise you will happen organically.”