Ian Collins' Scathing Take On New France President Emmanuel Macron

8 May 2017, 07:44

Ian Collins says Emmanuel Macron will be Angela Merkel's lapdog in his scathing take on the new French President.

LBC's late-night presenter said Mr Macron was the establishment candidate - and that spells bad news for everyone else.

He said: "This man could not be more establishment. He is arguably more pro-EU than any of the other candidates that were even standing.

"And that I find really fascinating, really fascinating that this man is not about to in any shape or form start to renegotiate France's relationship with the European Union. I mean this man, as I said at the outset, could not be more pro-European if he had the Maastricht Treaty tattooed on his face.

"This man smacks and bleeds of everything EU-related. He is right in this, central player.

"Every single head honcho of the European Union endorsed this man as their favourite candidate, because they knew where he came from. It was absolutely vital to the EU super-dream and the super-state that this fella got the gig.

"And he has, he won't let them down. He will become, we often talk about our Prime Ministers over the years being lap dogs to American Presidents, this man will absolutely be lap dog and then some to Angela Merkel."