Ian Collins Says "Shame On Those Linking Cuts With Terror Attacks"

4 June 2017, 22:43 | Updated: 4 June 2017, 23:00

Ian's appalled by people trying to make political gain out of recent terror attacks and says their actions will be "loved" by terrorists.

Cuts to police numbers (around 20,000 officers cut since 2010) have been cited in the wake of recent terror attacks, with critics saying the reduction in the force has left us exposed. Ian says people are way off.

"Numbers make no difference to people who follow death a cult," he said. “People who make that argument about cuts and correlate that with terror attacks, terrorists love you people."

Ian says he agrees that too many police have been cut, but to use that as an explanation for recent attacks is harmful and something that terrorists would welcome.

“To hear you making excuses for them, in any other world, would be funny.

“They’re laughing at your moronic analysis of their theologically driven killing sprees, as if a few more cops is about to stop them.. as if a different Home Secretary is going to change the the direction of travel for global jihad.”

Theresa May was criticised for making a political response to the attack outside of Downing Street today, while Jeremy Corbyn later made a speech about the attack on London Bridge on Saturday night. But Ian says the political angle on responses to attacks is too much.

“People who are willing to use death and mass murder as a weapon of political choice. Shame on you.”