Ian Collins's Epic Response: This Is What Politicians Should Say About Terror Attacks

6 June 2017, 08:21 | Updated: 18 December 2017, 14:51

Forget lighting candles, THIS is how politicians should react to terror attacks, says Ian Collins.

Ian was fed up with all the talking and no action by politicians and says it's time for action instead of words.

Speaking on his LBC show, Ian said: "Every time we get a response, the same debate ensues and that's about whether that response was good enough.

"Your words of 'we are strong', your words of 'we stand together', your words of 'light a candle and say a prayer' are frankly not good enough. We need more than that. We never get it.

"We never get a Mayor that stands up or a politician and says 'Right, there's been a terrorist attack. We know where some of you are, but the rest of you, we're going to find you. We're going to find the terrorists and those sympathising with the calls. We'll find out where you live, we will monitor your homes, we will monitor your meeting places, we'll have cameras on street corners, security services monitoring the borough like never before. There will be no hiding place. If we suspect you, we will tag you. Your family will be tagged too, your kids will be tagged as well. If you're not from this country, you'll be deported. If you've been fighting abroad and return to the UK, you'll be stripped of your citizenship. We don't care about your faith, your grumbles or your politics, you are done for. We're coming after you.'

"Do you ever hear a politician say that? No, never."