Caller Argues With Nigel Farage: Jo Swinson Is The Most Principled Politician

17 September 2019, 21:36 | Updated: 17 September 2019, 21:38

LBC caller argues with Nigel Farage that Jo Swinson is "the most principled" politician and if Nigel believes in Brexit he should stand himself.

The caller, Mark from Twickenham, said: “Whether we’re pro-Brexit or anti-Brexit, we’ve got to hand it to Jo Swinson, before the lection she was actually saying what she believed in.

"But Jeremy Corbyn on the other hand, he’s saying ‘just vote for me and I’ll do whatever you want’, and then we’ve got the Tories who will mess around and eventually come to some sort of conclusion about what exactly it is that they’re after. Out of the three major parties, I’d say that Jo Swinson is the most principled out of them all.”

Nigel Farage asks, “What about delivering on previous promises? All the promises that ‘whatever the people decide, we will implement’, and Jo Swinson and the Lib Dems have fought against it every single day since we voted Brexit.”

The caller asked if Nigel thought Swinson wouldn’t follow through on this particular pledge to revoke Article 50.

Jo Swinson Pledged To Revoke Article 50 If Made Prime Minister
Jo Swinson Pledged To Revoke Article 50 If Made Prime Minister. Picture: PA

“There’s something wrong here when the party’s promise in a referendum is ‘we’re going to give you this choice, we will implement your will’, they haven’t done it and now they’re going to cancel it," said the LBC presenter.

The caller Mark said, “Politicians are politicians at the end of the day and they change their minds all the time. There’s many reasons why they change exactly what they’re going to do."

He then challenged Nigel.

“I think that you should actually stand for election because I think there are a lot of Brexiteers out there looking for someone who will actually believe in what they’re going to deliver.” Mark went on to say the problem with David Cameron and Theresa May is that they didn’t believe in Brexit when they proposed it.

After debating, Nigel asked Mark if revoking Article 50 was democratic.

He replied: “I certainly think a party standing up for what they believe in and we have a general election on that basis is democratic, yes.”