Ed Vaizey Tells Clive Bull A Referendum Was 'Inevitable'

14 September 2019, 19:11

The MP, who had the Conservative whip removed last month, said he defends David Cameron for having the referendum because it was necessary to have another Conservative government.

Vaizey told LBC presenter Clive Bull: "In theory, everyone blames him for having the referendum.

"Why did he have this referendum?

I defend him on that basis."

He added: "Even if David Cameron had managed to not have a referendum, his successor or his successor-but-two would have agreed with Conservative MPs and members to have a referendum."

Ed Vaizey told Clive Bull a referendum was 'inevitable'
Ed Vaizey told Clive Bull a referendum was 'inevitable'. Picture: LBC

He went on to explain that another reason why it was inevitable was because of the millions of votes going to UKIP.

It was clear that there was some frustration for a referendum in the public, he said. Especially because "there hadn't been a referendum on Maastricht, there hadn't been a referendum on Lisbon."