Nigel Farage: Jeremy Corbyn Is “Wise” To Remain Neutral On Brexit Unlike Cameron

18 September 2019, 20:00

Nigel Farage said Jeremy Corbyn is “wise” to take a neutral stance on Brexit if he becomes Prime Minister unlike David Cameron who went “all in for Remain.”

This is after Jeremy Corbyn suggesting today that as Prime Minister he’d be a neutral referee on Brexit and carry out whatever the voters decide. This is in an attempt ro head off a bitter row in his Labour Party.

The LBC presenter continued, “I think if Cameron had said ‘this is my view but it’s up to you, over to you, I will get on during this period managing and running the country as best I can’, who knows? He might still be Prime Minister."

"But he didn’t, did he? He went all in for Remain, he got his mate Barack Obama to come across the Atlantic and support him and that’s why he resigned the following morning.”

Jeremy Corbyn is "wise" to remain neutral
Jeremy Corbyn is "wise" to remain neutral. Picture: PA

Nigel as an aside said this was the right thing for David Cameron to do.

“On one level I’m with Corbyn, I think it’s wise for the Prime Minister to stay above the fray in a referendum.But on another, I’m vehemently opposed to him because if the choice is Remain or staying in the customs union and staying in the customs market, what is the difference?"

“If that was Mr Corbyn’s referendum, I promise you I would stay at home. Or I might go down the pub for the day.”