Nigel Farage: Jo Swinson's Promise To Revoke Article 50 Is "Without Principle"

17 September 2019, 20:20 | Updated: 17 September 2019, 20:58

Watch Nigel Farage's outraged reaction to Jo Swinson's promise to revoke Article 50, which he calls "illiberal" and "without principle."

"Look I just think this policy of revoking Article 50 is without principle, I think it's illiberal, I think it's undemocratic, and I think it would be horrendously divisive," Nigel said.

His response came after Liberal Democrat leader Jo Swinson's party conference speech today where she pledged to revoke Article 50 on her first day as Prime Minister.

"The idea that someone can just brush the referendum result under the carpet is ludicrous," Nigel continued.

Farage, the Brexit Party leader, said Jo Swinson's promise will damage their election chances because, he said, "I think out there, there are people who want to remain but couldn't countenance simply revoking it."

He called the stance posited today an "extreme position."