Theo Usherwood Explains The Labour Party Conference Brexit Vote Chaos

24 September 2019, 07:52

This is the remarkable moment Labour's Brexit policy was decided by a contested show of hands.

Wendy Nichols, the chair of Labour's NEC, believed that enough people had voted for Labour to back Remain in a future referendum.

But Jennie Formby, Labour's General Secretary, insisted that not enough hands were in the air and therefore it was defeated.

Theo Usherwood explained Labour's Brexit chaos
Theo Usherwood explained Labour's Brexit chaos. Picture: PA / LBC

LBC's Political Editor Theo Usherwood explained: "Wendy Nichols backs up what she sees in the hall, which is Jeremy Corbyn being defeated and Labour is going to be the party of Remain.

"Then in steps Jennie Formby, the General Secretary of the Labour Party, who says no no no, the vote was lost and it's all good for Jeremy Corbyn."

Delegates called for a written ballot, but that was ignored and Labour's policy for Brexit is to stay neutral and attempt to appeal to both Leavers and Remainers.