Loki season 2 episode 1 & 2 review: God of mischief lives up to his name as he returns with new tricks

6 October 2023, 05:40

Loki is back in season two.
Loki is back in season two. Picture: Marvel

By Emma Soteriou

Time travel is not always easy to get right.

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After a successful first season that broke away from Marvel’s very own sacred timeline and gave fans a taste of something new, it was never going to be easy for Loki to return with that same glorious purpose. But within minutes of season two kicking off it’s impossible not to be compelled.

The story picks up immediately after the events of season one, with Loki coming face-to-face with a confused Mobius as he tries to warn him about He Who Remains. With Sylvie gone, and him now having time slipping to add to his list of problems, Loki – and viewers - are straight away thrown back into chaos in the best possible way. And so begins the desperate race against time.

The strength of the series mostly lies in the phenomenal cast – it's what made season one work as well as it did and the key to making this season a success too. The group has an incredible dynamic that is reflected in every scene they are in together. But even individually, they all get their moments to shine.

Loki and Mobius
Loki and Mobius. Picture: Marvel

The show allows Tom Hiddleston to delve further into the complex character that is Loki while also providing hints of the trademark arrogance and humour audiences grew to love him for in the MCU. It’s refreshing to get a glimpse of the old trickster, despite his newfound conscience. And a few nods to his past slide into the storytelling well, without feeling forced.

The playful banter between Loki and Owen Wilson’s Mobius once again adds much-needed humour to the tense scenes throughout - with the thriller aspect ramped up to another level for this season. The pair bounce off each other brilliantly and deliver on the quirky comedy they have become known for.

But the standout performance comes from the latest addition to the cast: Ke Huy Quan. He falls into his character, O.B., with ease and manages to steal the show in every scene he is in, even when Loki and Mobius are at their best.

Other new members of the cast include Rafael Casal, Kate Dickie, and Liz Carr, who all contribute to expanding the TVA's backstory further, with their authoritative characters all attempting to find order in the madness.

Ke Huy Quan joins the cast as O.B.
Ke Huy Quan joins the cast as O.B. Picture: Marvel

Loki makes the daunting prospect of the MCU’s multiverse much more fun to explore, especially compared to some of Marvel’s other more recent works. It delivers on the suspense-filled action while also bringing in lighter moments, balancing the two well in the face of chaos.

As the stakes get higher, the storyline remains fast-paced, allowing audiences to be quickly swept along in the time-bending whirlwind.

Franchise fatigue may have taken its toll on the MCU, but Loki manages to maintain its originality and remind fans of what they’ve been missing. It’s finally time for a comeback.

Episode one of Loki is available to stream now on Disney Plus.