Review: Olight Arkfeld Pro Flashlight - A Versatile Illumination Powerhouse, rechargeable with 1,300 lumens

4 March 2024, 07:19 | Updated: 4 March 2024, 10:49

The Olight Pro has some noticeable differences
The Olight Pro has some noticeable differences. Picture: LBC
EJ Ward

By EJ Ward

The Olight Arkfeld series showcases a significant evolution in flashlight design and functionality, with each model building upon the feedback and needs expressed by its user base. The series consists of three models: the original Arkfeld, the Arkfeld UV, and the latest, the Arkfeld Pro.

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Here's a comparative analysis of these models based on the provided details:

Design and Ergonomics

  • Arkfeld: Introduced a novel rectangular prism design for easy handling and storage, with a dual light source including a Class 1 green laser. Its design prevents rolling and offers a compact, easy-to-carry form.
  • Arkfeld UV: Maintained the original's design ethos while improving ergonomics, such as a slimmer tail for easier charging and a redesigned clip for better carry options. The green laser was replaced with a 365nm UV light.
  • Arkfeld Pro: Retains the slim, flat design but is slightly longer. It incorporates upgrades in light power, laser capability, and battery life, making it a more versatile and powerful tool.

Light Output and Functionality

  • Arkfeld: Featured a 1000-lumen maximum output and a Class 1 green laser, focusing on dual functionality with a bright light and a laser pointer for varied use cases.
  • Arkfeld UV: Also had a 1000-lumen output but shifted focus by replacing the laser with a 365nm UV light, enhancing its utility for specific tasks like detecting counterfeit money or exploring fluorescence.
  • Arkfeld Pro: Elevated the game with a 1300-lumen Turbo mode, a more powerful ≤5mW Class 1 green laser, and a significantly enhanced UV light at 350nm and 900mW. This model combines intense brightness, precision in laser pointing, and powerful UV capabilities, catering to a broader range of professional and recreational needs.

Battery Life and Sustainability

  • The original Arkfeld and Arkfeld UV models were equipped with a 1050mAh lithium polymer battery, offering a balance of performance and battery life.
  • The Arkfeld Pro introduces a larger 1500mAh battery, enhancing its endurance and enabling extended use of its powerful features, including a longer runtime for the laser, UV light, and the high-lumen white light.

Professional and Recreational Suitability

  • The series as a whole demonstrates a commitment to versatility and innovation, with each model designed to suit both professional environments and outdoor adventures.
  • The Arkfeld Pro, in particular, stands out for its ability to cater to diverse needs, from professional presentations with its enhanced laser pointer to outdoor explorations and emergency situations with its powerful lighting options.

Safety Considerations

  • A notable emphasis on safety, especially with the Arkfeld Pro's powerful Class 3R laser, underscores the importance of responsible use. The detailed safety guidance provided highlights the balance between functionality and user safety.

As a dedicated user of Olight products, including the original Olight Arkfeld, I was eager to put the Arkfeld Pro through its paces.

Building upon the foundation laid by its predecessor, the Arkfeld Pro has exceeded expectations, cementing its status as an essential tool in my everyday carry (EDC) arsenal.

Given the importance of my EDC in navigating daily tasks and unexpected situations, the Arkfeld Pro's reliability and versatility make it a standout choice for any discerning user.

The original Olight Arkfeld (featuring a pair of 5.11 jeans)
The original Olight Arkfeld (featuring a pair of 5.11 jeans). Picture: LBC/Alamy

When it comes to dependable illumination tools, Olight has consistently delivered top-notch products, and their latest offering, the Olight Arkfeld Pro flashlight, is no exception.

Combining the best features of its predecessors, the Arkfeld and Arkfeld UV, this flashlight shines brightly with its enhanced capabilities and versatility.

Design and Build Quality:

The Arkfeld Pro boasts a robust construction, with a sleek design that fits comfortably in hand. Despite its slightly larger size compared to its counterparts, it feels solid and well-balanced.

The inclusion of a double-sided non-slip texture and a two-way pocket clip adds to its practicality, ensuring a secure grip and convenient carry.


Where the Arkfeld Pro truly shines is in its performance. With a powerful 1300 lumens output, it illuminates the darkest of environments with ease, providing clarity and visibility.

The upgraded UV light, now at 900mw, offers a significant improvement over the previous model, making it ideal for various applications such as detecting counterfeit currency or inspecting for leaks.

Sitting much lower in the pocket, the Olight Arkfeld Pro (again featuring a pair of 5.11 jeans)
Sitting much lower in the pocket, the Olight Arkfeld Pro (again featuring a pair of 5.11 jeans). Picture: LBC/Alamy

Enhanced Features:

One of the standout features of the Arkfeld Pro is its control dial, which allows seamless switching between UV light, white light, and green laser modes.

The addition of a single-sided switch with a subtle bump for navigation simplifies operation, though it may take some getting used to for those familiar with older models.

Furthermore, the ability to activate both the green laser and white light simultaneously adds a new level of convenience and functionality.

The original Olight Arkfeld (left and the new Pro right) this image features a pair of 5.11 jeans...
The original Olight Arkfeld (left and the new Pro right) this image features a pair of 5.11 jeans... Picture: LBC/Alamy

Battery Life:

With a built-in 1500mAh lithium-ion battery, the Arkfeld Pro offers extended runtime, ensuring prolonged use without the need for frequent recharging. This upgrade in battery capacity not only enhances practicality but also provides peace of mind during extended outdoor adventures or emergency situations.


In conclusion, the Olight Arkfeld Pro flashlight is a commendable addition to Olight's lineup, offering unparalleled versatility and performance. While it may be slightly larger than its predecessors, the benefits it brings far outweigh any minor inconvenience.

Whether you're a professional in need of a reliable tool for inspections and investigations or an outdoor enthusiast seeking a dependable light source, the Arkfeld Pro delivers on all fronts.

With its combination of enhanced features, robust build quality, and impressive performance, it's clear why the Arkfeld Pro is a favourite among flashlight enthusiasts.