Salomon's X Ultra 360 Edge Mid - the lightweight hiking boot that can handle it all - one month challenge

12 April 2024, 10:26

Salomon X Ultra 360 Edge Mid Gore-Tex Boot
Salomon X Ultra 360 Edge Mid Gore-Tex Boot. Picture: Author
EJ Ward

By EJ Ward

As a long-time Salomon enthusiast, I've been eager to try out the latest iteration of their X Ultra series, the X Ultra 360 Edge Mid Gore-Tex. And I have to say, this boot lives up to the brand's reputation for producing high-performance footwear.

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From the moment I slipped these on, I was struck by just how lightweight the X Ultra 360 Edge Mid felt. The sole has some serious grip, which is crucial for tackling slippery terrain, but it still maintains a decent amount of flex for comfort over longer distances.

The breathable upper, combined with the Gore-Tex membrane, ensures my feet stay cool and dry, even on warmer days.

One of the standout features for me is the updated lacing system. The flat, lightweight laces distribute pressure evenly across the eyelets, which helps prevent that annoying loosening that can happen with traditional rounded laces. It's a small detail, but one that makes a real difference in daily comfort.

I think my friends must be tired of me banging on about the laces on these boots, there wasn't a single time they loosened, let alone came undone. I don't understand why more companies don't use laces like this?

Salomon X Ultra 360 Edge Mid Gore-Tex Boot
Salomon X Ultra 360 Edge Mid Gore-Tex Boot. Picture: AUTHOR

Beyond just hiking, I decided to really put these Salomon boots through their paces by wearing them as my everyday footwear for an entire month.

From my daily commute to the office to running errands around town, I was impressed by how comfortable and versatile they proved to be, there was only one evening I wore other footwear and that was at an awards ceremony because it would have looked super odd to wear hiking boots with a suit...

The lightweight, flexible construction made them easy to wear for extended periods, without any foot fatigue or soreness setting in, even on the longest days of standing for hours at news stories.

And the grippy outsole provided excellent traction, giving me confidence when navigating wet or uneven surfaces during my daily commute, especially wet Tube station floors!

But perhaps the biggest test came from my daily dog walks. The boy and I love exploring nearby parks and Wandsworth Common, and the X Ultra 360 Edge Mid boots were more than up to the task. They offered ample ankle support and protection from rocks and roots, while still allowing me to move quickly enough to keep up with Rocco when he decided he could catch a flying bird (he can't).

Even after an hour or more of walking on varied terrain, my feet felt fresh and blister-free, thanks to the boot's excellent cushioning and breathability. I was pleased that a hiking boot could work so well for my everyday wear.

The only potential downside I can foresee is the long-term durability of the upper materials. Given the lightweight construction, I'm curious to see how they hold up after extensive use. But for now, I'm thoroughly impressed and can't wait to log more miles in these boots.

If you're in the market for a capable, agile hiking boot that won't weigh you down, I'd highly recommend giving the Salomon X Ultra 360 Edge Mid Gore-Tex a serious look. It's quickly become a go-to for me as an all round boot.