London Taxi Driver’s Violent Crime Warning: "There Are Places I Won’t Drive My Cab"

6 June 2018, 12:22 | Updated: 6 June 2018, 12:26

Amid a wave of violent crimes on motorists in Britain, one taxi driver has told LBC there are places in London he will no longer drive his taxi.

Alex in Lewisham described how witnessing moped-relating crime was now a regular occurrence and the capital was like “the wild west”.

It’s after a number of videos surfaced over recent days showing masked gangs attacking motorists across Britain.

“I have passengers, tourists, who are in disbelief,” Alex told Ian Collins.

“They think [London] is the safest place in the world and they’re just gobsmacked.”

Ian Collins Black Cabbie
Picture: LBC/PA

On Monday comedian Michael McIntyre was mugged by two men on a moped who smashed the windows of his Range Rover and stole his £15,000 watch.

The incident happened in north west London as the 42-year-old picked up his children from school.

In a separate incident, a video surfaced over the weekend showing two masked thugs attacking a vehicle in Birmingham with machetes and hammers.

Alex said a similar incident happened to him in Clapham when four men descended on his cab and tried to smash the windows open.

“What is going on? You try and ring the police but there’s nothing,” he said.

“We’re all on a hiding to nothing out here, they’ve completely lost it.

“There are places I won’t drive my cab at a certain times.”

He continued: “You do get scared.

“I found myself going home a bit earlier at night because you just don’t feel safe anymore.”

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