People Are Going To Riot As Poverty Rockets: Ian Collins

15 February 2017, 07:34

Ian Collins

Ian Collins predicts a riot as more and more people are falling into poverty.

New research suggests that four million more people are at risk of falling below the poverty line because of rising food and fuel prices.

That would leave 19million people living with less than the "minimum income standard" - and Ian can only see this ending one way.

Speaking on his LBC show, he said: "This is a hopelessness problem that's affecting millions of families - and it's getting worse.

"And there is no way out. Something has to give. It's the air bubble scenario.

"We're talking about 19million people here, living below an adequate standard of living. It's increased in the last six years by 4million. That number is going upwards.

"I predict a riot. A big dirty, national rebellion against what is clearly a default position of chronic injustice."

Watch his powerful monologue above.