Remain-backing celebrities including Hugh Grant reveal exit poll disappointment

13 December 2019, 02:19

Hugh Grant posted "there goes the neighbourhood" after the exit poll was published
Hugh Grant posted "there goes the neighbourhood" after the exit poll was published. Picture: PA

By Asher McShane

Remain-supporting celebrities have taken to social media to tell of their disappointment that Boris Johnson looks on course to win the General Election.

Hugh Grant tweeted: “There goes the neighbourhood” minutes after the Exit Poll data was released that showed a chunky majority for Boris Johnson.

A disappointed-looking Hugh was pictured looking into his phone while out for dinner with his wife Anna Eberstein.

Other celebrities also told of their disappointment and frustration. Lily Allen posted: “Still holding out for a Labour majority.”

David Walliams posted: “Boris won by a landslide because all his children voted for him.”

Gary Lineker wrote: “Great win for the blue side. IT’s the first time that Rangers FC have qualified for the European knockout stage.”

Other celebrities welcomed the exit poll prediction,.

Countdown's Rachel Riley and actress Tracy-Ann Oberman both posted online, after repeat criticism over Labour’s failure to properly tackle the anti-Semitism crisis.

Following the exit poll, Riley tweeted: "Love you Britain."

Oberman tweeted: "For last 2 years Rachel Riley & I have faced abuse beyond imagining. Lies smears violence. 

"We stood against it all because we truly believe Corbyn responsible for allowing the anti Jewish racism & misogyny to go unchecked. His online hate army thought no one cared. YOU DID x."