Watch Boris Johnson star in hilarious Love Actually parody

10 December 2019, 08:38

Nick Hardinges

By Nick Hardinges

Watch the hilarious moment Boris Johnson recreates a famous scene from Love Actually just days before the general election.

The prime minister reproduced a well-known scene from the Christmas-themed film in which he knocked on the door of a frustrated voter whilst holding a series of placards.

Mr Johnson's "Vote Conservative Actually" video was uploaded to Twitter and was met with a mixture of humour and frustration.

In the footage, the Tory leader is seen showing a woman a number of Brexit-themed messages after pretending to be a group of carol singers.

Two of the placards read: "With any luck, by next year we'll have Brexit done (if Parliament doesn't block it again)," to which the woman giggles.

Others said: "Your vote has never been more important, the other guy could win, so you have a choice to make between a working majority or another gridlocked hung parliament."

At the end of the parody clip, Mr Johnson leaves the voter's doorstep, approaches the camera and says, "enough, let's get this done," which is a direct reference to the original clip.

Labour's Jeremy Corbyn also uploaded a humorous pop-culture inspired video on Monday evening.

In his "Mean Tweets with Jeremy Corbyn" video, the leader of the opposition read out a number of critical tweets about him, as well as one that refers to him as "sexy."

The format has been popularised by US late-night chat host Jimmy Kimmel.

One of the tweets he read out suggested he wore "a commie hat."

Mr Corbyn replied: "What is a commie hat? I wear a cap! It's a bit like when I was told I was riding a Maoist bicycle. It's a bicycle!"

Halfway through the clip, the video appears to cut out because of poor internet connection, a reference to the party's promise to provide free fibre broadband for all households across the UK.

Towards the end, one of the tweets accuses the Labour leader of thinking there is "a magic money tree."

"Yeah there is, in the Cayman Islands," he replied.

He finished the video high-fiving someone off camera after saying he would be "the next prime minister."

Mr Johnson's video comes after Labour candidate for Tooting Rosena Allin-Khan posted her own campaign video "Election Actually" on 22 November.

Less than half an hour after Boris' clip had been launched, Dr Allin-Khan tweeted to say the prime minister had copied her spoof.

She wrote: "I won't be retweeting it - but Boris Johnson has copied my #ElectionActually video. Tanks. On. The. Lawn."