Jacob Rees-Mogg To Remainer: "Are You Saying Old People Shouldn't Vote?"

21 July 2018, 11:35 | Updated: 7 August 2018, 15:14

Jacob Rees-Mogg challenged a caller who claimed the EU Referendum was not an honest vote and undemocratic.

John, who called in from Woodford, told Jacob Rees-Mogg that the Brexit vote was "undemocratic" because it was "unhonest".

But the Tory backbencher fought back saying: "I think you're basically rejecting a democratic vote, and you don't trust the voters."

He asked: "Why was it not honest and not democratic?"

John replied: "Because I didn't get the facts and I'm not stupid!"

Jacob Rees-Mogg live on LBC from Somerset
Jacob Rees-Mogg live on LBC from Somerset. Picture: LBC

"I saw people walking up in walking sticks because they wanted to get their country back," John said.

Rees-Mogg cut in, noting that an old person's vote "is just as much valid as a young person's vote."

"Are you saying old people shouldn't be allowed to vote?" he asked.

"No," John said. "I'm saying they've got a view that they want to get back what was theirs."

Listen to the hilarious exchange in the video above.