Brexit Amendments: What Are MPs Voting On Tonight And What Time Are The Results?

25 March 2019, 18:21 | Updated: 25 March 2019, 22:15

MPs will vote on three Brexit amendments tonight
MPs will vote on three Brexit amendments tonight. Picture: PA

It’s another Brexit showdown in the House of Commons tonight - here’s what MPs are voting on and what it means.

Three amendments out of seven were selected by the Speaker John Bercow.

They were debated and voted on by MPs on evening.

Voting started just before 10pm with the first result due at about 10:15pm.

Jeremy Corbyn’s amendment

Calls on the government to make time this week to find a majority for a different Brexit approach. Labour pulled this amendment, so it was not voted on.

Sir Oliver Letwin’s amendment

Takes control of the parliamentary timetable on Wednesday to debate and vote on alternative ways forward - known as “indicative votes”. Find out more here. This amendment passes 329 to 302.

Dame Margaret Beckett’s amendment:

Orders that MPs be given time to vote on whether to leave EU with no deal or to seek an extension if we get within seven days of leaving the EU without a deal being passed.

Sir Oliver Letwin's amendment is likely to pass in tonight's showdown
Sir Oliver Letwin's amendment is likely to pass in tonight's showdown. Picture: Getty

Meanwhile, Theresa May has admitted she does not yet have enough support to pass her deal.

It's already been unanimously rejected twice by MPs - but the Prime Minister is hoping to get it approved on the third attempt.

The EU has offered to extend Article 50 until 22nd May if Mrs May can get a majority for her deal by Friday.

If not, Parliament has until the 12th April to agree a new way forward or risk leaving with no deal.

Jeremy Corbyn has described the government's handling of Brexit as a "national embarrassment".

The UK was due to leave the bloc on Friday.

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