Iain: Not Everyone Who Voted Leave Is Racist

27 June 2016, 18:39 | Updated: 26 April 2018, 15:40

Iain Dale rails against just how intolerant Britain has become in the wake of Brexit, from racist attacks in our streets to older people being accused of selfishness.

Iain voted Leave last week and was shocked to be accused online of encouraging racists by voting that way.

"I thought hang on a minute mate, you don't know me!

"You don't know what my motivations were for voting Leave. I can assure him - and indeed everyone listening to this programme - that was the furthest part of my mind when I voted Leave.

"Absolutely nothing to do with immigration."

Iain said his primary reason for wanting out of the EU was sovereignty, but that even those who voted Leave because of immigration should not be accused of xenophobia.

"Just because you are concerned about immigration, does not make you racist."

The LBC presenter said: "There is a huge degree, I think, of intolerance in our country at the moment.

"People cannot understand why their close family, their close friends have voted in a different way to that which they did.

"You've got splits between generations, you've got 18-24 year olds saying: I can't believe you've jeopardised my future, as if older people shouldn't have had a right to express their view at all.

"You've had friends being uninvited from events because they voted in a different way to their other friends.

"What does this say about our country?"