Met Police Slap Down Ukip Leader Over Brexit Protest Claims

29 March 2019, 10:25 | Updated: 29 March 2019, 10:29

Met Police deny Ukip claim they will use water cannon on Brexit protesters
Met Police deny Ukip claim they will use water cannon on Brexit protesters. Picture: PA

The Met Police has told the Ukip leader that his claim the police may use water cannon on Brexit protesters today is "baseless and false".

Pro-Brexit protesters are expected at parliament today - the day that the UK was supposed to leave the European Union.

Yesterday, Ukip leader Gerard Batten tweeted: "There are reports that water cannon may be deployed tomorrow in London and that some of the police may try to aggregate and provoke Brexiteers.

"There is always the danger of provocateurs planted to cause trouble. I hope it is not true but I call on everyone present to be peaceful."

But the Met Police responded: "Those reports are indisputably false.

"No water cannons are owned or used by the Met Police. Any suggestion that we are intending to use water cannons or seeking to agitate any protestors is baseless and false.

"We will continue to work with partners and public to put public safety at the heart of everything we do."

Boris Johnson did buy two water cannon for £320,000 during his time as Mayor of London, but after he was refused a license to use them, they sat unused for years before Sadiq Khan eventually sold them for scrap.