Brexit Votes: Everything You Need To Know About How The Night Unfolded

29 January 2019, 20:06 | Updated: 29 January 2019, 22:18

The Cooper amendment was defeated 321 to 298
The Cooper amendment was defeated 321 to 298. Picture: PA

MPs have given Theresa May the green light to go back to Brussels and try to renegotiate her Brexit deal.

The Prime Minister secured the backing of 317 MPs to 301 to replace the backstop with “alternative arrangements” to keep the Irish border open after Brexit.

An amendment calling for Brexit to be delayed if no deal is fixed by the end of February was rejected in the Commons.

However, MPs did vote in favour of taking no deal off the table, but it is not legally biding.

Theresa May
Picture: PA

Tonight’s round of crucial voting has been seen as a good result for the Prime Minister.

Speaking afterwards, Mrs May said there is a "substantial and sustainable" majority in the Commons for leaving the European Union with a deal but admitted renegotiation "will not be easy".

She added: "Simply opposing no deal is not enough to stop it".

Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn told the House of Commons he is prepared to meet with the PM to discuss Brexit.

All of the results:

- Jeremy Corbyn's amendment calling for the Commons to be allowed time to debate options to prevent a no-deal Brexit. REJECTED: 327 votes to 296.

- The SNP’s amendment calling for Article 50 to be extended and for Scotland not to be taken out of the EU "against its will. REJECTED: 327 votes to 39.

- Dominic Grieve's amendment forcing the government to make time for the Commons to discuss a range of alternatives to the Prime Minister's Brexit plan. REJECTED: 321 votes to 301.

- Yvette Cooper's amendment to delay Brexit Day by up to nine months if a deal can’t be agreed by 26 February. REJECTED: 321 votes to 298.

- Rachel Reeves' amendment calling for Brexit Day to be delayed if a deal hasn't been agreed by 26 February. REJECTED: 322 votes to 290.

- The Spelman/Dromey amendment to prevent a no-deal Brexit by 318 votes to 310 (non binding). APPROVED: 318 votes to 310.

- Sir Graham Brady's Brexit amendment aiming to replace the Northern Ireland backstop with "alternative arrangements”. APPROVED: 317 votes to 301.

The EU has already reacted to Tuesday night's votes - warning there would be no renegotiation.

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