Clegg's Passionate Plea Over EU Immigration

22 June 2016, 08:36 | Updated: 26 April 2018, 15:40

Nick Clegg warned people voting for Brexit for immigration reasons that leaving the EU will not allow us to control our borders.

The former Deputy Prime Minister told Nick Ferrari that the Leave campaign have no plan for what to do if they do win.

Caller Shelly said she was worried about the number of immigrants coming to the UK, but Mr Clegg insisted that isn't a reason to vote Leave.

He said: "The idea that putting a cross next to the Brexit option tomorrow and suddenly all of that is going to be solved, why then have the Australians not done it? Or the Americans? Or the Canadians? Or the Norwegians? Or the Icelanders? Or the Swiss?

"No other country has because the mass movement of people across borders, across huge distances whether we like it or not, is a big difficult reality that we can't just wish away by turning our back on our European neighbours.

"If you want to vote Brexit then go ahead, but please don't imagine though that you're going to wake up on Friday and find Farage, Gove and Johnson with a solution to your concerns.

"They themselves don't have a solution.

"They can't even agree amongst themselves for example whether they want to implement a new land border in Ireland. If you don't implement a new land border, then what's the point? How are you controlling borders if you're leaving the back door wide open into the rest of the European Union?

"They don't have a plan."

Mr Clegg hit back at claims that Remain have run Project Fear, but saying the Leave campaign has been Project Fib.

"The largest group of migrants coming into this country aren't even from the European Union.

"If we wanted to, as a country, we could stop that overnight. This great, famous points system they keep going on about, we have it!

"The £350m figure: not true. That Turkey will join the EU tomorrow: not true. A European Union Army: not true. That immigration will stop tomorrow if we leave the EU: not true."

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