People's Vote Decide NOT To Back Amendment Calling For A People's Vote Today

14 March 2019, 15:30 | Updated: 14 March 2019, 17:29

A People's Vote campaign
A People's Vote campaign. Picture: PA

MPs are finally voting on whether to have a People's Vote on Brexit today - and the People's Vote campaign are against it.

Sarah Wollaston from the Independent Group has tabled an amendment for Brexit to be delayed to allow for a second EU referendum.

However, despite pushing for another referendum, the People's Vote campaign have decided that this is not the right time.

A spokesperson for the People's Vote campaign said: "The People's Vote campaign does not instruct its supporters in Parliament on how to vote. We recognise there is a range of opinions on when to press the case for the public being given the final say, which means some of these MPs will vote for the Wollaston amendment, some may vote against and some will abstain.

"But we do not think today is the right time to test the will of the House on the case for a new public vote. Instead, this is the time for Parliament to declare it wants an extension of Article 50 so that, after two-and-a-half years of vexed negotiations, our political leaders can finally decide on what Brexit means.

"That is because a People's Vote is not just another option in this Brexit crisis - it is a solution to this crisis. When the real costs of Brexit are measured up against the broken promises made for it in 2016, we believe Parliament will have better opportunities to decide it is only fair and reasonable to give the public a real say on this crucial decision for our country."

The amendment was rejected by MPs 85-334, a majority of 249.

Other amendments today include Parliament taking control of Brexit and stopping the Prime Minister from holding a third meaningful vote on her Brexit deal.