Ukip MEP’s Impromptu Brexit Protest Fails To Draw Big Crowds

16 November 2018, 11:20 | Updated: 16 November 2018, 13:23

A Ukip MEP’s impromptu protest against Theresa May’s “Brexit sell-out” has managed to attract just a handful of attendees.

Earlier this morning Patrick O’Flynn sent a tweet to his 37,000 followers calling for a picket outside Downing Street.

Despite wracking up over 400 retweets, just a handful of people arrived.

One of those was the former deputy chair of Ukip Suzanne Evans - who stood alongside Mr O’Flynn with a Vote Leave umbrella.

LBC reporter Rachael Venables said: “I count four people as part of Patrick O’Flynn’s protest.

“The man himself is stood there in a striped scarf, holding a ‘we voted Leave’ sign.

“Next to him is Suzanne Evans who is holding a Vote Leave umbrella.

“I thought there were six people, but on closer inspection, one gentleman pulled out a note book and a pen - so I’m going to assume he’s a journalist and another man then pulled out a camera.”

Update: At 12:51pm Rachael Venables reports Patrick O’Flynn's protest has now ended.