Ian Collins Takes Aim At Lazy Parents For School Expulsions

5 October 2016, 06:56 | Updated: 5 October 2016, 06:57

Ian Collins says bad parents are to blame for the rise in the number of children being expelled from school.

The number of exclusions from schools has risen 25% in just three years - and Ian knows exactly where the blame lies. And it's not with the schools.

Speaking on his LBC show, Ian said: "They think it’s the teacher’s job.

"Now I don’t know what you’d have to have not noticed about the world around you - Lord knows how many debates and discussions on TV and in magazines and just about everywhere else that would deal in this very area about how to teach kids, bring up kids, what to do, what not to do, how to make sure your kids behave properly.

"The kinds of areas, times in your life where you introduce them to different things. The time when they begin drawing, the time when they begin using a potty.

"They’re not aware of potty training? Who doesn’t know that? But there is a contingent out there that send their kids to school for the first time and they believe, absolutely believe that it is the school’s job to almost start from scratch.

"So what have they been doing for four years, five years? What have those parents been doing?

"They’ve been doing nothing, probably drinking special brew and smoking Camel Lights I would imagine. I would correlate exactly that type of behaviour with exactly that type of parent. I can’t see how it can be any other way.

"I can’t imagine that you would get a lovely, decent working-class kid go to school and discover that he couldn’t do any of those things, it wouldn’t be that family.

"It would only be that kind of group of dubious characters who for some reason sit outside the normal sphere and realms of acceptable behaviour. It can’t be anything else, can it?"