Ian Collins Targets Money-Grabbing Landlords: "You Are The Problem"

6 February 2017, 07:40

Ian Collins rent

Ian Collins had a clear message for greedy landlords: "You are the problem".

Theresa May will this week put Generation Rent at the heart of her plans to "fix the broken housing market" with plans to increase the number of affordable rental homes.

But Ian called for a rent cap to stop greedy landlords putting up rental prices when they don't need to.

Speaking on his LBC show, he said: "The people that bug me more than any other group of people are landlords who put up people's rent when they don't need to.

"By which I mean they own the property outright, they've got a property portfolio so they own more than one, they've already got a healthy profit, they don't need to put the rent up. And the only reason they put the rent up is because they can.

"That group of people, I find to be amongst the most disgraceful repulsive group of money-grabbing greed-mongers in the land. I think they are a disgrace.

"'We put it up, well because the going rates going up, so we'll put it up.' You didn't need to. It's only going up because somebody like you put it up. If you didn't put it up, it wouldn't go up.

"I loathe that kind of person. That's the kind of person I look at and think, hang on, you've got to have a rent cap. You should be stopped from doing this, because you're a disgrace.

"You are the problem. You are singlehandedly the problem. You and your cohorts who are doing this are the problem."