Sadiq Khan Says Don't Blame Immigration For Strained Services

11 May 2017, 11:24 | Updated: 11 May 2017, 11:28

The Mayor of London said infrastructure problems are down to underinvestment and that London wants and needs immigration.

Sadiq Khan was answering questions in the studio with James O’Brien for LBC’s Election Call series when a caller put it to him that immigration above the Tory’s target of tens of thousands was hurting public services.

Sadiq Khan turned the question around: “We've got to address the issues that lead to people being concerned about the impact of immigration.

“The reason why your children can't get place in decent schools locally, why you are having to wait longer to receive decent NHS care, is because of our failure as politicians to invest in the NHS and to build sufficiently affordable homes, not the fault of immigrants.”

As Mayor of London he highlighted that the capital voted differently to most of the country in the EU referendum because it had a very different view of immigration.

“The reason why London is different from other parts of the country is that London chose to remain in the European Union, so we need immigration and we want it.

“I accept though, Margaret, some parts of the country don't want immigration even though they may need it.”

In the context of the election he called for the government to pursue an immigration policy that keeps options open.

“The government should have a flexible immigration policy to give those of us in the country who need immigration and want it the ability to have so."