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Warning for Theresa May as she tries to sell 'bold' Brexit offer to senior ministers

50 mins ago

India election: Final votes cast in world's biggest poll

1 day ago

Theresa May promises 'bold offer' to MPs as Jeremy Corbyn says public vote not 'disastrous'

2 days ago

Brexit: May could end impasse with 'confirmatory' vote, Sir Keir Starmer claims

2 days ago

Top Tories: 'Nonsense' to write off the Tories - but be careful of holding an election

3 days ago

Brexit: Pound falls as plug pulled on cross-party exit talks

3 days ago

Brexit: What happens now cross-party talks have failed?

4 days ago

Politician puts ad on Pornhub and says 'you have to be where your voters are'

6 days ago

Nigel Farage's Brexit Party polling higher than both Labour and Tories before EU elections

9 days ago

Sadiq Khan reveals he has 24-hour police protection following social media threats

10 days ago

Jeremy Hosking: Former Conservative donor revealed as major backer of Brexit Party

10 days ago

Jeremy Corbyn: Labour must take on Nigel Farage's 'snake oil'

11 days ago

Former Tory businessman Mike Greene revealed as Brexit Party candidate in Peterborough by-election

12 days ago

Wright summons mobile chiefs to seal rural 'not-spots' deal

12 days ago

Ex-Conservative donors ready to give 'big bucks' to Brexit Party, claims Nigel Farage

13 days ago

Voters tell Labour and Tories: This is a plague on both of your houses

17 days ago