The Perfect Analysis Of Where Tories Went Wrong, By Boris's Old Spin Doctor

9 June 2017, 07:02 | Updated: 9 June 2017, 07:21

Boris Johnson's former spin doctor Will Walden told LBC why the Conservatives had a disastrous night in the General Election.

The Tories had expected to increase their vote, with some people talking about a majority of over 100.

But their number of seats slumped and Britain was left with a hung parliament.

Mr Walden told LBC there are three main reasons for the failure.

Will Walden
Picture: LBC

Speaking to Nick Ferrari on LBC: "They've been completely caught out and I think there's several reasons why.

"From Labour's point of view, YouGov got it right. Young people turned out and they turned out in big numbers.

"Secondly, Ukip voters didn't all go to the Conservatives. They rowed back towards Labour.

"And I think more importantly, Tory Remainers in middle England stayed at home, or they switched.

"The numbers show that her gamble for working class votes paid off. In a lot of constituencies, she was taking working class votes the Tories had never taken before.

"But she didn't get enough and what they didn't realise was the impact that was going to have in terms of their core support in middle England."