Labour's Emily Thornberry Comes Out Fighting On Brexit, May And Lib Dems

22 April 2017, 12:29 | Updated: 25 April 2017, 14:07

This is some real fighting talk from the Shadow Foreign Secretary....

Iain Dale was joined by the leading Labour MP on his first special Saturday show, in the run-up to the snap election.

Thornberry was as passionate as ever as Iain put it to her that Labour's problem is a lack of clarity on Brexit.

"The electorate, who don't spend all their time obsessing about all these things - they know that the Conservatives want to leave, they know that the Lib Dems want to stay, the problem is they don't actually know what you want because you can't take one of those two extreme positions," said Iain.

Thornberry shot that down: "No, no, no, Iain, listen.

"Let me say it again. The Labour party is a national party...we want to reflect the national split.

"We want to bring the country is an honest and a statesmanlike position.

"I'm here telling you, I'll say this I'm blue in the face...we are completely clear on this."

And as well as defending her party, Thornberry lashed the Lib Dems, saying senior members of the pro-EU party "sounded exactly like Labour" in their push for a soft Brexit.

And Prime Minister Theresa May was next in her firing line, with the Shadow Foreign Secretary saying the PM "stands on the steps of Downing Street saying 'I need a General Election, the Opposition are being too beastly to me.'

"It's because we're doing a good job!"

Of course Iain challenged that one, asking if Thornberry and Labour were doing such a good job, why don't the polls show anything other than a huge lead for the Tories?

Watch it all above.