Iain Forgets Camera Is On During Frustrating Labour Interview

25 October 2016, 17:42 | Updated: 26 October 2016, 11:04

Iain just wanted Andy McDonald to answer one simple question: "Is a third runway at Heathrow the right option?"

"We're supportive of a decision being made on location" That was Andy McDonald's answer, but not the one to the question Iain asked.

"You can say to me that 'Heathrow is the right location and Gatwick is not'," Iain offered.

"Well that is patently what has happened today."

This non-confirmation left Iain exasperated with his head in his hands, and he suggests it might be how potential Labour voters also feel:

"I do think the British public, if they're going to elect a Labour government, have a right to know whether the Labour party, as Her Majesty's loyal opposition, that you believe that the decision to locate the runway at Heathrow is a good thing or whether it should have been at Gatwick."

Andy McDonald still wouldn't commit either way - no matter how much Iain pushed him!

It wasn't the first time McDonald has struggled to give a yes/no on Heathrow while being on LBC - as Iain mentioned, just days ago he was "painfully on the fence" with Clive Bull.