Nick Ferrari To Paul Nuttall: Why Is There So Much Confusion Over Your Life?

6 June 2017, 09:54 | Updated: 6 June 2017, 10:09

This is the moment Nick Ferrari put all the controversial moments of Paul Nuttall's life to him.

Nick asked the Ukip leader if he was really a professional footballer, if he was really on the board of North-West Training and whether he really lost a close friend at Hillsborough.

And the Ukip leader took on each allegation one-by-one.

On LBC's Leaders Live, Nick asked him: "Why is it that confusion dogs you so much about whether you were a professional football player. Or whether you were member of the board of directors on North-West Training?"

Nick Ferrari Paul Nuttall

Mr Nuttall explained how the rumours started and what the truth is.

On being a professional footballer: Mr Nuttall said he played as a youth player for Tranmere Rovers from 13-18. In 2009, a press officer asked if he played for Tranmere and he said yes and she wrote a press release saying he was a professional footballer.

On being on the board: "They okayed that press release back in 2009. I never said I served on the board, I was verbally asked to sit on the board. They okayed the press release and then it comes to 2017 and they said they didn't."

On losing a close friend at Hillsborough: "It was a coordinated political hitjob by the Labour Party, which was suggesting I wasn't at Hillsborough, even though I gave the Guardian written proof that I was there on the day, even though I gave evidence to Operation Resolve.

"The problem was, something had gone up on my website back in 2011, which I'd never even seen, and I was mortified. Absolutely gutted."

Nick responded to his claims, saying: "For a relatively young man, there's a lot of confusion about your CV, isn't there Mr Nuttall?"

The Ukip leader's answer: "No."